C I G S Y A  Cape & Islands Gay & Straight Youth Alliance

CIGSYA has been in existence since 1996. The building located at 56 Barnstable Road has served as the organization's home since 1999.

The CIGSYA House is a place where young people can enjoy meetings, drop in times and special events where there is camaraderie and support, in a peer lead, adult advised environment, free from judgment based on inherent differences. The CIGSYA House program is youth driven, peer led, and adult advised, offering an array of supportive services to people 22 and under who adhere to the organization's basic principles of respecting differences. The CIGSYA House team stands strongly on the belief that making our community safer, more respectful and less judgmental begins by bringing a broad diversity of young people together in an environment where everyone's dignity is appreciated. Young people through this model learn about each other and realize that people are really not very different at all. Through this experience they become more open minded, well rounded and accepting of others. Youth who in turn are appreciated rather than harassed, achieve higher levels of self esteem and live happier and healthier lives.


The Cape & Islands Gay & Straight Youth Alliance

Celebrating the diversity of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender questioning and straight youth.

Guiding principles

  1. -We believe that everyone can make a difference

  2. -We believe that positive adult role models are an excellent and necessary influences for young adults

  3. -We believe that people, regardless of intrinsic differences have the the right to live with respect and dignity

  4. -We believe that no one should be harassed for simply being themselves and not harming anyone.

  5. -We believe that by eliminating the discrimination that people face we can save lives.

Support us to continue helping youth.

CIGSYA (The Cape & Islands Gay & Straight Youth Alliance) is a community-based alliance of young people from fourteen to twenty-two that exists to improve the lives of LGBTIQQS (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer, questioning and straight) youth on Cape Cod and the Islands by addressing key risk factors such as the self hate, isolation and fear, which are often prevalent in their lives. CIGSYA works toward eliminating all forms of discrimination based on differences through education and training, and by providing a space where young people come together in an environment of respect, free from judgment and harassment. CIGSYA’s programs involve youth leadership in decision making, program design and implementation.

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